Lynne’s Reflections

Defining “Enough” Is Personal

Enough Is Relative One may think that the amount of dishes in this picture is a little too much.
What is important is that we define what is enough for ourselves. At our previous
home (which we “right-sized” ) we had lots of cabinets. They were filled with things ...
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How To Grieve

Saying Goodbye to Phoebe Phoebe was put down on Monday, September 18th, 2018. She could no longer walk and she became incontinent. Three days later I left Ohio to spend nine days visiting my folks, sit for a Peer Review to obtain my CPO-CD and to learn with some ...
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Reflecting on Wholly Organized

Where It All Began It was 2003 when I first discovered that there were actually people who were “Professional Organizers.”  Do you remember the show “Clean Sweep?” That was the beginning for me. I wanted to be Necee from the show.  I started brainstorming names for my business. My ...
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13 pairs of sneakers? Enough is enough.

A fellow Professional Organizer and friend, Amy Melaragno, mentioned watching the movie “Minimalism: A Documentary About the Important Things.”  I watched it. This is what happened next. I asked myself, “How much is enough?” I started walking around the house and began addressing things one category at a time. Some ...
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Six Tips to Make Your Donations Count

Like many people, I too had a couple of boxes and bags of donations to remove from my house after the holidays. My husband offered to do the drop off on Monday, January 2. Unfortunately when he arrived, the Organization was closed in observance of the New Year’s Day holiday ...
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18 Lessons from Phoebe the Schnauzer

While working with a recent client, we came across a typed document with this title at the top "Things you can learn from a dog." It included 18 lessons and was signed by "Freedom Ann." I have yet to find out who "Freedom Ann" is and her connection with dogs, but the list ...
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Power Pose into Organizing!

Amy Cuddy is a Psychologist at Harvard Business School who studies body language. She is well known for her TED Talk in 2012 where she talked about "Power Poses." She wants everyone to know that "you have this, you have personal power and you can bring your best self forward. This ...
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How M&M’s helped my inbox go from 2,432 to ZERO

Is your e-mail box overwhelming?  Mine was. With five e-mail addresses, it's a challenge to keep up. (I use mac mail, so all my e-mail is in one view).  I devised a plan.  Plan: Play music, follow the calendar, reward myself for the hard work, and use an app.
  1. Play ...
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Napkin Scribbles @ Starbucks

No matter how many twists and turns, FOLLOW YOUR DREAM! My dream was born in 2003 at a Starbucks in Pittsburgh.  I was visiting my cousin and her family.  Earlier that year I had seen the TLC show “Clean Sweep” and I thought “People actually do this?”  While sharing coffee ...
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Four Beliefs You May Want to Stop Now!

Do you have good intentions to read articles you've clipped and countless magazines? And then don't do it? What are your beliefs about reading articles and magazines ?  "I need to stay on top of the latest trends." or "I don't want to miss an important tip that could dramatically change ...
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