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Should I have an estate sale?

Is an estate sale worth it? Many people ask me this question. It depends on your goal, timing and the amount of sellable items. Typically there should be $10,000 or more to sell.  Given that 30% of the average house contains items that are suitable for an estate sale ...
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alt="a messy kitchen is not sanity "

Eight Tips to Kitchen Sanity

Eight Tips to Kitchen Sanity You walk into your kitchen and you don’t want to cook anything.  So you settle for popping a lean cuisine in the microwave not only because it’s simple and easy, but also it keeps you from digging through your drawers to find stuff.  Settling for that ...
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Eight Steps to De-Clutter

Does this picture look like a space in your home? With my client’s permission, I am sharing a before photo of his basement. This is 50 years worth of stuff piled into a room and forgotten about. He put it off for many years and finally was ready to get ...
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8 tips to make your clothing closet better!

Many people share with me that their closet “drives them nuts!” What is it about their closet that is so frustrating? Typically they can’t see everything they own, so therefore they only wear what they can see. Studies have shown that the 80/20 rule very much applies to clothing: many ...
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Paper… Oh My!

Do you have a space that looks something like this?  Are you sick of it?  Are you constantly looking for "that piece of paper?" Here are tips to get you started on sorting through piles of paper: Useful supplies to collect right before starting:

Go Lightly!

Pack lightly...that is!  I mean take one carry-on bag.  This is surprising, coming from a gal that used to pack a different outfit for everyday and occasion.  Many friends and family members, my mother especially, cannot believe I can pack lightly.  So why do it? The benefits to traveling lightly ...
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New & Improved To-Do List!

Are you overwhelmed and exhausted AND have too much to do?  Are you wondering how you are going to do everything?  The thought of it all makes you more tired? I came up with this strategy when I found myself overwhelmed.  The result of SWATS is my "new and improved ...
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So you want to organize your basement?

So…you want to organize your basement and you don’t know where to start? Here are some guidelines to get you started. First, make two lists:
  • Things you want to do in the basement (how you want to use the space)
  • Things you want to live in the basement (what you ...
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