Book Reviews

Book Review: “Life in Rewind”
by Terry Weible Murphy,
Michael A. Jenike M.D.,
and Edward E. Zine

Lessons From Life In Rewind If you want an intimate look at an extreme case of OCD, read “Life in Rewind,”
by Terry Weible Murphy, Michael A., M.D. Jenike, and Edward E. Zine. It was a required reading for my Level II Specialist Certificate in Hoarding and I am ...
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Book Review: “Grit:
The Power of Passion and Perseverance”
by Angela Duckworth

The Key To Success Grit has been the topic of discussion with two of my clients. These two clients
have many interests that they continually pursue and refine. They are incredibly
hard working and want to be more organized. One of my clients met Angela Duckworth, the author of Grit: ...
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Book Review:
“Organizing For The Creative Person”
Written by Dorothy Lehmkuhl
and Delores Cotter Lamping

Creative Minds & Organization Are you a creative person? Perhaps an artist, writer, or executive. Many creatives
have issues with organization. Creativity resides in the right side of the brain. Right brains (RB) tend to think cleaning up and organizing is boring. The concept of time, structure, and detail ...
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Book Review: “Presence” by Amy Cuddy

What is Presence? First inspired by Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on nonverbal behavior, power posing, and how she overcame a traumatic brain injury; her new book continues to inspire. Amy states that..." Presence isn’t about pretending to be competent; it’s about believing in and revealing the abilities you truly ...
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Book Review: “Organized to Last”
by Porter Knight

Want an easy read with lots of useful tips? Then this is the book for you. Here are some bite size tips:
  • Afraid to get rid of things? If you throw it away today and think of it tomorrow, it’s probably only because you touched it today and remembered ...
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Book Review: “The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter” by Margareta Magnusson

Don't Let The Name Fool You It is not a sad book. Döstädning. Dö is “death” and städning is “cleaning.” In Sweden it is a term that means that you remove unnecessary things and make your home nice and orderly when you think the time is coming closer for ...
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Book Review: “Conscious Order: Clear Your Mind, Leave Clutter Behind” by Annie Rohrbach

“Conscious Order: Clear Your Mind, Leave Clutter Behind”   by Annie Rohrbach Immediately upon meeting Annie at the May 2014 NAPO Conference I knew we would know one another a very long time.  Both of us believe in a Holistic Approach to helping our organizing clients.   In her ...
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Book Review: “The Boomer Burden”

“The Boomer Burden” by Julie Hall (The Estate Lady®) A fellow Organizer Colleague and friend, Deb Heimann made me aware of this book earlier this year and I can hardly stop talking about it. Why? Because as a Professional Organizer I help people sort through their stuff and de-clutter. AND ...
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31 ways to be a better leader

Do you have 3 minutes to be a better leader? Grasp the 10 Truths!  “The Truth About Leadership” by James M. Kouzes & Barry Z. Posner, was introduced to me by Ned Parks, the facilitator of the ’13-’14 Leadership Stow Group. Summarizing a book is the best way that I ...
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Family Ties

Looking for a way to make your organizing project more efficient or to support someone else’s organizing project?  Here’s a key tip to reach that objective:  get the family involved!  My experience as a Professional Organizer has taught me that family support and involvement has several positive impacts.  First, the ...
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