I am a Professional Organizer and I can be messy.

During presentations and while working with clients, I often hear the comment, “I bet your house is perfectly organized.” Well….it isn’t. My answer is: I have many systems in place, homes for things and I am wired to be organized, so although it is not “perfect” (which doesn’t exist and ...
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One Thing Learned: Play More!

The Power of Dopamine Most weeks I listen to teleclasses through the Institute for Challenging
Disorganization (ICD). A recent class was about helping ADHD clients
succeed by using play. Clinical psychologist and Certified ADHD Coach,
Kirsten Milliken, spoke about the connection of play, getting dopamine
flowing more often in ...
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Book Review: “Life in Rewind”
by Terry Weible Murphy,
Michael A. Jenike M.D.,
and Edward E. Zine

Lessons From Life In Rewind If you want an intimate look at an extreme case of OCD, read “Life in Rewind,”
by Terry Weible Murphy, Michael A., M.D. Jenike, and Edward E. Zine. It was a required reading for my Level II Specialist Certificate in Hoarding and I am ...
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One Thing Learned: Keys to Minimalism

Being A Minimalist The desire to work toward being a minimalist is a byproduct of being a Professional Organizer. Daily, I witness how “too much stuff,” “inherited stuff,” and “over acquiring” causes stress for my clients. I come home each day and want to let go of the excess ...
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Book Review: “Grit:
The Power of Passion and Perseverance”
by Angela Duckworth

The Key To Success Grit has been the topic of discussion with two of my clients. These two clients
have many interests that they continually pursue and refine. They are incredibly
hard working and want to be more organized. One of my clients met Angela Duckworth, the author of Grit: ...
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One Thing Learned: Before and Better!

Fay Wolf Coins "Before and Better" In the world of Professional Organizing, we tend to focus on “Before and After.” That perspective changed when I went to the #NAPO2016 conference and participated in my friend, Fay Wolf’s session, “Imperfection Rules!” She shared a term she’s coined
as “Before and ...
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Defining “Enough” Is Personal

Enough Is Relative One may think that the amount of dishes in this picture is a little too much.
What is important is that we define what is enough for ourselves. At our previous
home (which we “right-sized” ) we had lots of cabinets. They were filled with things ...
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Book Review:
“Organizing For The Creative Person”
Written by Dorothy Lehmkuhl
and Delores Cotter Lamping

Creative Minds & Organization Are you a creative person? Perhaps an artist, writer, or executive. Many creatives
have issues with organization. Creativity resides in the right side of the brain. Right brains (RB) tend to think cleaning up and organizing is boring. The concept of time, structure, and detail ...
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One Thing Learned:
Preparation Defeats Worry!

Becoming a Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) At the end of 2014 I was close to logging 1,500 client hours to become eligible to
sit for the Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) exam. Carving out CPO “reading
time” each week and participating in a monthly book club was part of my ...
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How To Grieve

Saying Goodbye to Phoebe Phoebe was put down on Monday, September 18th, 2018. She could no longer walk and she became incontinent. Three days later I left Ohio to spend nine days visiting my folks, sit for a Peer Review to obtain my CPO-CD and to learn with some ...
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Book Review: “Presence” by Amy Cuddy

What is Presence? First inspired by Amy Cuddy’s TED talk on nonverbal behavior, power posing, and how she overcame a traumatic brain injury; her new book continues to inspire. Amy states that..." Presence isn’t about pretending to be competent; it’s about believing in and revealing the abilities you truly ...
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One Thing Learned:
Compassion Fatigue Is Real

What is Compassion Fatigue? Patricia Smith, the founder of the Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project, spoke at
our 2015 ICD Conference. She shared symptoms and ways to manage Compassion Fatigue. Definition of Compassion Fatigue: a combination of physical, emotional, and spiritual depletion associated with trauma-related work where others are in significant ...
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